FAQ garment industry production control system  

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions we met with customers. For more questions please  CONTACT US

What type of equipments and investment do we need to use the system?

To start using the ERP Garment Kontrollis system You don’t need any major investment. You need a personal computer or laptop, a laser printer, a cod bar reader – scanner (optional – it increases the speed and the precision of working with data) and a stable internet connection (at least 4Mbps). We offer the server, You don’t have to pay anything for setting the system, no licenses to buy. Everything works based on a monthly fee after 30 days of free testing.

Do we have the opportunity to test the system before signing a contract?

Yes, with the Kontrollis online production control system our customers have the possibility of a 30 day free testing. You can subscribe any time for a risk free testing, no credit card info needed or contract in testing period.

How much time do we need to process the data about production

Using the digital data scanner (bar code reader) the data regarding a one day work of one employee can be input in less than 1 minute. So, at a firm with 50 workers one person can process all the production data in less than 1 hour.

Which is the effect of this production control system on the company’s activity and results?

After subscribing to the Kontrollis production control system our customers had a significant increase of productivity, from 10 to 30%. These effects, at a medium sized firm (50-250 employees) could mean a production growth of a few hundred thousand dollars in one year. That means that the earning is a few time more than actual costs (monthly fee + costs of paper). So You are going to have extra profit from the first months of using the Kontrollis online production controlling software.

Is the Kontrollis System good for lohn production systems? 

Kontrollis is ready for both main production systems in lohn (using raw materials of contracted customers) or under own label production. For both systems Kontrollis can control the worker’s productivity and material using efficiency. We have customers from both system and others who produce in both way in the same time and have positive results with our cloud based production control system.

Do we need to hire an IT man to use the system?

No, You don’t need IT specialist for using the system. Is it enough to have a  footwear (footwear etc.) specialist who has basic computer user skills and knows your production processes.

Is my data safe with Kontrollis?

Kontrollis uses high performance servers and security systems to keep your data safe. And on the other hand we pay to this aspect a very high attention, because we know that we depend on long term on customers’ trust and success. As we don’t use prepaying, we only survive and develop business if customers are satisfied on long term with our services. We plan to have a long term partnership with You so we focus on your trust.

Your company is also responsible for data security, meaning, your main account administrator has to set the access limits for every other user according to their skills, responsibilities and trust.

Implementing this system presumes a lot of extra work?

As any innovation or new project implementing the Kontrollis online production control software for garment industry also needs extra effort in the beginning. According to the complexity of your production process, the number of employees, the existing production controlling methods (other implemented software,  excel tabels or handwritten accounting), the available time  etc. it presumes one to a few months of harder work.
After implementing the software your company will save lot of work using the system. After existing experiences at other customers the first year after starting to use the system had a productivity growth of 10-25% with the same number of employees.

What happens if it is too complicate for me?

When your account is set You’ll get user’s manual and some tutorial videos. Also there are contact forms and e-mail addresses if You need help.
Also after subscribing You’ll get detailed flow charts and tutorial video of the production control system.

When can we start?

As soon as You subscribe to our 30 day free trial we can set up your system in 24 hours in working days. You don’t have to wait long days or even months till some specialist pays You a visit. From the moment that we set up your account You’ll get your system access data and You can set up your processes, your materials, your employees and start to work and to grow your productivity and profit.

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