Kontrollis ERP for garment industry is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based system than can be implemented without any investment just by subscribing to it. You only need a bar code reader, laser printer and broadband internet. No installation needed. No long waiting for It specialist to visit your company.

30 day free trial production control system

For all of our price plans we offer a 30 days free trial period, in which you can test the benefits of our production controlling system. For the free trial period we do not request any payment or credit card information. You can start using it anytime and without any obligation or any risk.
In free testing period You can already input your production data in your special account protected by your passwords. Only users set by You can access your data. During free testing You can convince yourself about the opportunity of using the system, understand the features and already improve your productivity.

Even in trial period we offer online support and video tutorials, or detailed user’s manual flow charts

Do You want to increase your profitability within a few months?

You are just a few click distance to improve your efficiency and more profit. Subscribe now for free test Erp Garment Industry aproduction controlling system textilend your system will be configured within 24 hours and You can start using it.