Monthly fee

Kontrollis’s the monthly fee Erp Garment Industry main objective is to offer to the small and medium sized enterprises business IT systems that up until now were available only for corporations. The Kontrollis production controlling system developed for textile and footwear industry companies is now offered on monthly fee base. The system is also suitable for any factory with mass production and well defined production process

No major investment just monthly fee

You don’t have to make any major investments. Customers only need a personal computer or laptop, a laser printer, a bar code reader and a stable broadband internet. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars only to set up the system or licenses. We provide the production control system in monthly fee system having the main goal to offer the same chance to small and medium sized firms to be competitive on a globalized market using powerful tools. Now these factories can control their production, the productivity of footwear workers, their production costs (materials and salaries) and will be able to offer competitive prices on market.

Advantages of lease (monthly fee)

The customers don’t have to risk major investments payed previously using the system. They have a 30 day free testing period while they can understand and learn the features of the system and already feel the advantages of it. Footwear, leather and leatherette bag, working equipment, sportswear and fashion producers can obtain productivity and profit growth while using the system. And from that extra income they can pay the monthly fee, which is much lower (from 5 to 20 times) than the the extra income.

Very short period to set up the system after the customers fills the subscription forms. In 24 hours (on working days) your system is set up by the service provider and ready to use without waiting for somebody visiting the company or for licensed CDs which needs installing. So as You decide to subscribe to the system your company can use in only a very few days the monthly fee Erp Footwear Industry from Kontrollis.

Customers don’t have to worry about the system’s maintenance. The service provider is dependent of the customers satisfaction. They only make profit if the customers are long therm satisfied and pay the monthly fee for long years.
If something happens with the system customers don’t have to wait for weeks till some specialist arrives to the factory. They just simply send a mail and in a very short time service is relaunched.

Flexible tariff plan (price table)

Our price plans were set up in a way to satisfy the needs of all our customers from small family businesses to large enterprises. This plan is set up according to the number of workers and system users. You pay as much You need to use the system’s resources.

For all of our plans we offer a one month free trial period, in which you can test the benefits of our production controlling system without any risk or investment. For the free trial period we do not request any payment or credit card information, you can start using it anytime and without any obligation.

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